Emailing & Collaboration

Collaboration is an integral part of any organization or any team. We help companies deploy Emailing and Collaboration Suites to take the employee satisfaction to next level.

This is the only segment where we are not Technology and Vendor Agnostic!

We are Autorized Resellers of Google Apps for Work in India. We have helped more than 30 organizations move from legacy emailing systems to Google Apps.

We help organizations do it in a systematic way:
1. Convincing the Top Management about the benefits
2. Assessing the legacy systems and chalking out an architecture
3. Doing a pilot with a small group of people to assess issues and plan
4. Phased migration from one or multiple legacy systems
5. User by user migration and sign off.
6. Employee training sessions and on-boarding
7. Shutting down the legacy systems

Our experts have been trained not only with experience but by education too.