eCommerce Consulting

eCommerce is in the genes of Pratham. We help clients bringing their products and dreams online.

We design solutions not for just setting up an online shop but all the systems required for the completes lifecycle of an eCommerce transaction – from the product selection to selling to eventually money in your bank.

Somebody who knows eCommerce understands that its not just about putting the product on internet and it will sell. You need a strategy, an approach right from how you photograph your product to how you sell it.

Apart from the work we do for our clients, we have our own playground for eCommerce – This in-house brand was started just for fun and experimentation, but now has its own team for end-to-end operations.

Our proven track record and our expertise is what we pitch to our clients. Have a look at how and where we can help you out!


Call us Now, and allow us to rocket your eCom dreams. :)