Web Applications

We offer Custom Web Application Development services to our clients. We have extensive expertise in this domain and have successfully completed projects from a few pages app to an app which is used by 1000s of users simultaneously.

An organization goes for a Custom Web Application when there are no ready solutions available of the shelf. That implies that the development has to be more critical of what your needs are and what more can be done not to just solve your problems but to solve them towards accelerated growth.

Our clients value us for our project management, timely delivery and a bit more than what they expected. Our offerings, are targeted towards the principle objectives of:
– high user acceptance and productivity
– increased advocacy
– rapid adoption
– scalable
– best in class

We offer following services in Web Applications:

User Experience: Pratham’s UX services revolve around key 3 aspects – easy to use, engaging and motivating.

Development: We do custom applications using existing and emerging technologies that work well and have extended shelf life.

Maintenance: Pratham’s Application Management Services are not an afterthought of development but an integral part right when the app is being developed. Using this methodology we have been able to reduce the downtimes, iterations and issues projects face in maintenance phase.

Modernization: We enable you to address issues in your legacy systems such as redundant technology platforms, high cost of maintenance, less expertise available, reducing usage and lack of integrations. We help you choose from different available methods – re-engineering, re-enabling and deployment, and re-development.